Welcome to VersaTran, Inc.

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Welcome to VersaTran, Inc.

CT660 w 15T

Who is VersaTran, Inc?

In 1995, VersaTran, Inc. designers and developers created a truck bed that featured a curved deck and pullout aluminum ramps. Finding that the design worked incredibly well, they created more for use at their various locations. Later, knowing they could do better, VersaTran, Inc. perfected their original model and eliminated the headaches of hydraulics, oil spills, and excess dead weight.

Our Dedication to Service

Knowing the frustration of repairing a product that has been made poorly or with cheap material, VersaTran, Inc. puts care and concern into their manufacturing process. From the first generation to the recently announced fourth generation G4 series, VersaTran, Inc.’s quality of standard has never varied, placing them above and beyond competitors.

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