Additional Convenience with the Lo-Rider™ Deck

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Additional Convenience with the Lo-Rider™ Deck

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Deck height influences a lot of aspects of how you haul equipment on a flatbed truck. By sitting 10 inches below the (already low) standard deck height of other Retriever decks, the optional Lo-Rider deck improves each and every one of those aspects:

  • A lower deck allows for a lower overall height and easier clearance under bridges and overpasses.
  • With hauled equipment lower to the ground, the truck’s overall center of gravity is lower, leading to greater stability and better handling.
  • A lower deck allows large equipment to be loaded and unloaded faster and easier.

When you’re hauling equipment, you want your experience to be fast and safe. That’s why you need a Retriever, and should consider a Lo-Rider option as well.